Cardiac Ablation Procedure

The cardiac ablation procedure is a surgery that people have to undergo when their heart has rhythm problems. Over the year’s doctor have been able to make this procedure less complicated for the patient’s recovery. The doctor now uses a catheter to do the repair instead of cutting open the chest. The procedure for cardiac ablation is a major surgery that people will undergo in order to avoid their heart condition becoming worse.

This procedure is done in a hospital setting by cardiologists so that the operation will be low risk for the patient. Before the operation, you will be given a sedative so that you can relax. Once you are sedated an anesthetic will be used to numb your neck, arm and groin area any cutting is performed.

A small cut will be made into the numbed area and the cardiac ablation procedure will begin for the patient. A catheter will be inserted into the blood vessels by way of the incision.

To make sure that the catheter is going in the right direction the doctor will be using live x-ray images as he places electrodes in different areas of your heart. The electrodes will allow the doctor to see what part of your heart is having the rhythm problem. In order to fix the rhythm problem an electrical energy is sent through the catheter to destroy the problem area. A scar will be creating on the heart tissue that will stop the rhythm problem.

This cardiac ablation procedure will usually last about four hours. After the procedure you may feel a little lightheaded and possibly a faster heartbeat will be noticed by the patient.



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