Cardiac Arrest Survival Tips

Knowing some basic cardiac arrest survival tips can help increase anyone’s chances of surviving cardiac arrest. The scary fact is that it is estimated only six to seven percent of people who experience cardiac arrest will survive. Arming yourself with the facts about cardiac arrest could help you to take steps to save a loved one. It can also help you to prepare those around you to help you in the event that you suffer cardiac arrest.

  1. Know the symptoms. Knowing the warning signs and symptoms can help you to take quick and decisive action in the case of cardiac arrest.  Making sure your friends and family are just as informed can help ensure they would be able to recognize the symptoms and get help for you in the case of cardiac arrest.  A quick diagnosis leads to quick medical attention.
  2. Call for help quickly. Call 9-1-1 for medical attention immediately. The sooner the person suffering cardiac arrest can get to the hospital, the better his chances of survival.
  3. Know the basics of defibrillation. The number one treatment for cardiac arrest is defibrillation. This is where a machine called a defibrillator delivers an electrical shock through the chest to the heart. The defibrillator can be used by the paramedic, doctor, or regular person; it just must be used quickly. If public access defibrillators are available in your community, be sure to know where they are and see if classes are available to learn how to properly operate one in case of emergency.
  4. Get trained in CPR. A study by the American Heart Association found that for every minute that goes by without anyone attempting to perform CPR, the survival rate for cardiac arrest drops by seven to ten percent. By getting trained in CPR and getting your family trained in CPR, you could help save the lives of each other or a total stranger. Intervention by a bystander is a recurring theme in many of the stories of people who have survived cardiac arrest.
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