Cardiac Enzymes Test

A cardiac enzymes test is used so that your doctor can determine if you just had an actual heart attack. This test will allow your doctor to determine if any enzymes have gotten into your blood stream. As with any test doctors rely heavily on this test so that they can determine if there is any muscle damage done to the heart after the attack.

You will receive a cardiac enzymes test anytime you have gone to the hospital thinking you may have had a heart attack so be ready. The cardiac enzymes test is a tool used to diagnose and treat the heart attack if one did occur. If it is determined, that you have had a heart attack, then your blood will be drawn every eight hours for about two days after your attack. The reason that you will have blood drawn is because cardiac enzymes will not be high usually until twenty-four hours after you initially felt pain in your chest. The test will reveal if your enzyme levels are unusually high in your blood stream, which will determine the seriousness of the attack.

In determining the damage to the heart muscle, after a heart attack the cardiac enzymes test will show not only the levels of enzymes but also the levels of proteins in your blood. Though the cardiac enzyme test is useful for the doctor it will not help if you are an alcoholic or had any recent surgery. The test will also not work if your way to the hospital you were given any type of cardio respiratory resuscitation.



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