Cardiac Muscle Function

The cardiac muscle function has a movement of contraction, which moves the blood into the heart and the circulatory system that goes throughout the body. The cardiac muscle function is important because it keeps the blood flowing within the heart so that it can continue to pump. Without the cardiac muscle contracting every minute nonstop in a person’s heart, he would go into cardiac arrest and possibly die.

The cardiac muscles are only located in the heart and their function is unlike any other muscles in the human body. Cardiac muscles are only located on the inside of the heart.The cardiac muscles never get tired unlike the other muscles in your body because of the of energy cells that it contains. Cardiac muscles are not joined together by tendons or ligaments like the other muscles in the body, instead they are joined together by intercalated disks.

With the cardiac muscle being able to contract in a rhythmic motion at a steady rate the heart is able to pump continuously keeping you alive. The regulated rhythmic movement is a result of the autonomic nervous system keeping the muscles in tune. If the heart is healthy, the muscle can adjust to whatever the person is doing so that he will be supplied with the sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients in the blood flow. The best part about the cardiac muscle being able to know how much blood your heart needs to pump is that it can figure it out without any outside incentive from the nerves or hormones.



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