Cardiac Tamponade Symptoms

Cardiac tamponade symptoms are detectable in an individual depending on his overall health. When the muscles inside the heart and the outside sac of the heart have built up fluid between them, the heart will not function properly. This stoppage of blood flow compressing the heart can cause serious complications for a person. If this problem is caught in a timely manner, it can be repaired and the patient can live a normal life after recovering from surgery. To help your doctor, let him know if you have experienced any of the following symptoms:

  1. Rapid breathing is something you can easily notice because you will see that you are breathing faster without exerting yourself. If you notice you are taking in extra breaths, take note of what you were previously doing because only you know what would normally make you tired and cause you to breathe faster.
  2. Restlessness is something your mind and body will experience when it is time to relax but you cannot sit still. Not being able to relax is not always easy to notice because some people are always busy and don’t sit still because of their busy lifestyle. In addition, most people do not think about the fact that they cannot relax as a problem even when it is happening at the time because they just figure they have so much to do and they are overly anxious to complete their task.
  3. Chest pain is noticeable to anyone who is experiencing it and will cause you to be alarmed dependent on the severity of the pain. Pain in the chest area will usually be something any individual will remember to report to his doctor when he sees him. 
  4. Abdominal swelling is a noticeable sign that something is going on within your body, but most people will just assume that they are getting fat in that area. As you begin to exercise and watch what you eat, you will notice that the swelling is not going down. It is at this point that you will realize that your enlarged stomach area is not the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and that you should make an appointment to see your doctor.
  5. Discoloration is noticeable to everyone who sees you because of the abnormal coloring of your skin. This discoloration can be alarming to anyone who see’s it because it is evidence your body is lacking oxygen somewhere.

The symptoms for cardiac tamponade appear differently in people whether they have health issues or not. If you already have any of these health issues, let your doctor know about any new symptoms you are experiencing. When your doctor is looking for symptoms of cardiac tamponade, he will look to see if your arterial blood pressure is dropping and whether or not your central venous pressure is rising. These changes in your blood pressure will tell the doctor to look for other symptoms that will indicate if a cardiac tamponade has occurred. By you already recognizing the symptoms of a cardiac tamponade, you can already give your doctor the symptoms that you are experiencing and that he will be looking for as the official diagnosis.

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