Cardiovascular Benefits Of Olympic Weightlifting

The cardiovascular benefits of Olympic weightlifting make it a popular sport with overwhelming health values. Being a resistance exercise, not only does weightlifting helps in building muscles and strength, but it also strengthens the cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary system in the body.

  1. Because Olympic weightlifting promotes resistance training, it builds muscles and discourages fat build-ups in the body. Less fats in the body helps promote healthy heart function and reduces the risks to cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, atherosclerosis, ischemia and fat embolism. These are conditions that primarily arise from or triggered by fatty deposits in the body that affect the heart functions.
  2. Weightlifting is a good exercise to lose fats in the body and helps reduce obesity. Obesity is a prevalent condition which is a primary risk factor of heart disease. The high energy expenditures for weightlifting require the body to burn more fats, thereby reducing the fat storage in the body. The fats are optimally used to provide the energy source the body needs instead of being stored as fat deposits that could build-up to cover the heart overtime. With less calories and storage of excess fats in the body system, the heart can carry out its functions more efficiently. Moreover, reducing the risk to obesity is well associated with a reduction of risk from hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol in the body.
  3. Weightlifting is good resistance training that promotes endurance. The use of weights in Olympic weightlifting allows for the cardiorespiratory endurance to improve, allowing you to have better performance on your heart rate. According to the Olympic Weightlifting Resource, based on the eight-week Olympic weightlifting program study, participants experienced an eight percent drop from their resting heart rate, four percent drop in systolic blood pressure, fat reduction of six percent and a four percent increase in lean body weight.
  4. Olympic weightlifting is a way to de-stress the body from negative vibes. A stress-free body promotes healthy well-being, a healthy cardiovascular system and a relaxed state of mind which are factors that can provide cardiovascular benefits.
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