Career Goals Examples

Career goals examples are statements a candidate makes on her resume that give the employer a quick glimpse into her future plans. The difference between career objective examples and career goals examples is that objectives explain why the company should hire the candidate, and goals tell what the candidate expects to accomplish in his career. Here are some career goals objectives that will help you to better understand how to word yours when you write your resume.

  1. Technical Sales Career Goals Example. "I would like to continue to expand my technical certifications while working my way towards a sales management position." This has nothing to do with what the company wants. This is all about the candidate's long-term goals in her chosen sales field. But it could be of value to the company if the company has a need for managerial candidates.
  2. Retail Sales Associate Career Goals Example. "I would like to expand my retail knowledge to include customer service and stock cycling. I would also like to continue my pursuit of a degree in retail accounting." Once again, this may mean nothing to the company or it could be that energetic sales associate it has been dreaming about. It shows a very proactive person who is dedicated to the field of retail sales.
  3. Human Resources Career Goals Example. "I would like to continue my education in human resources and specialize in employee benefits administration. I would also like to work towards becoming a manager in the next five years." This candidate knows exactly what she wants, and she has created plans to get her where she wants to be. She knows her job, and can be a great asset to a company that is looking for these skills.
  4. Social Worker Career Goals Example. "I would like to pursue my masters degree in social work and apply my experience to becoming a program administrator." This candidate is aggressive and is looking for a fast path to the top. There is a plan in place and this is one determined person. This could be a very dedicated employee and one that takes his job seriously.
  5. Production Manager Career Goals Example. "I would like to continue updating my knowledge base on the newest manufacturing processes and become technically certified to maintain major equipment. I will also be attending classes to improve my time management and personnel allocation skills." This candidate seems very interested in the production process, but he is also admitting that he needs to improve his management skills.
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