Carpathian Mountains Facts

Travel without leaving your computer with these Carpathian Mountains facts. The Carpathian Mountains is a mountain range that spans across Central and Eastern Europe. It is an important natural formation.

  1. The Carpathian Mountains is the second-longest mountain range in Europe. The mountain range spans approximately 1,500 km. The longest mountain range in Europe is Scandinavian Mountains and is around 200 km longer than the Carpathian Mountains.
  2. The Carpathian Mountains is home to many important regional animals. Several species are at their highest in population for Europe on the Carpathian Mountains, including brown bears, wolves, chamois and lynxes. Many of the habitats for these species are being wiped out, which makes the Carpathian Mountains an important sanctuary.
  3. The Carpathian Mountains is important for European vegetation. The mountain range is the habitat for over one-third of all European plant species. The plant life in the Carpathian Mountains is important for the region, as it is the reason for the wildlife population. The area is also rich in timber.
  4. The Carpathian Mountains covers or is near many of the major cities in the region. These cities include: Bratislava and Kosice in Slovakia; Krakow in Poland; Sibiu and Brasov in Romania; and Miskolc in Hungary. The different countries included in the Carpathian Mountains are: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia. The mountain range is usually divided into three major sections.
  5. The Carpathian Mountains has diverse climates. Most of the region has cold winter and hot summers, which makes it a perfect area for year-round resorts. The mountain itself is sparsely populated but the valleys toward the southern region has the greatest number of people.
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