Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

You may not have seen the headline "Carrot Top Plastic Surgery" on the front page news, but Carrot Top likely did get plastic surgery. This guy looks like a surprised comic book villain on steroids. Where the comedian once looked like a regular guy with red hair, he now looks all exaggerated and pretty weird. Carrot Top's plastic surgery sessions have been going on since 2001. There have definitely been multiple plastic surgery operations performed on him. He performs at Vegas a lot, so it probably makes sense for him to look dramatic, so he stands out.

Eyebrows Carrot Top's plastic surgery definitely includes a brow lift. His eyebrows now make him look surprised all the time. They have a very high arch. Carrot Top accentuates the shape of his lifted eyebrows by wearing brow pencil makeup.

Lips Its hard to put your finger on all of Carrot Top's plastic surgery procedures. His lips look different than they used to. Some suspect it's because of lip plumping plastic surgery. He may have undergone lip augmentation plastic surgery.

Smooth as a baby's butt Botox must be part of the Carrot Top plastic surgery regimen. His forehead looks completely unlined and he's in his '40s. He looks like he's in his '30s, probably because of Botox, line fillers and maybe some laser skin resurfacing, too.

Shoulders and bod Wow! What abs. What shoulders. Speaking of shoulders, Carrot Top may have had synthetic shoulder muscle implants. His deltoids stick out like craz  and look fairly unnatural. Many say he must take steroids to have all those muscles, but he is known to be a workout fanatic, too, so who knows? Maybe what we think is Carrot Top's plastic surgery is merely the result of good, clean living as he ages.

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