Cary Grant: Style

It is unexplainable unmistakable, you can see it a mile away, and it makes women weak at the knees—Cary Grant's style. Some call it that “thing”, and women of the French persuasion call it, “Je ne se qua”, or that unexplainable "x factor" that one has. Cary Grant had it! He would have made a billion dollars if he could have bottled and sold it. There have been many names for Cary Grant used by men and women alike: the king of hearts, the mirror of charm, the most glamorous man of his generation, and the elegant man. He was not considered the “it” man because of his rugged good looks and charm alone—it was his style too.


Cary Grant was an enigma. Was he acting, or, was he the man he seemed to be? During an interview, Cary Grant was asked that very question, and his answer was that he patterned himself after a combination of three or four actors, and then he became that man.  Today, we would say Grant “reinvented” himself. Keep in mind that style is not just your taste in clothing or $100 hair cut, it’s more inside than out.

  1. Always be gracious. It’s an extremely attractive quality. Grant was always in the public eye, he never spoke ill of a woman, even If she spoke ill of him. 
  2. Keep your lips sealed.  Grant  never divulged personal information about others, two weeks before his death he explained why he never wrote his memoirs—he did not want to embarrass anyone, or himself.
  3. Take time to be kind and thoughtful. Another very attractive quality to possess. No one really takes your kindness for weakness- only a weak person   takes advantage of others.
  4. Smile. Even when you are angry, never let them see you sweat.
  5. Be honest and have integrity. Say what you mean and mean what you say. 
  6. Always dress impeccably and appropriately. This does not necessarily mean dress up, you can sport denim jeans impeccably.
  7. Learn to love the life you have been given. Every person on the planet is inspired by people who have a deep abiding love for life.  They reek of happiness and contentment, and everyone wants to experience that.  
  8. Develop the gifts in you. Share them with the world.  
  9. Have a generous and giving spirit. Always be ready to help someone else, even if they are not less fortunate. 
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