Cashier Games

Games are almost everywhere and cashier games are no exception. Online, in video game consoles, and even on smart phones, cashier games are a fun way to practice math skills in unique settings for both children and adults alike. The games vary in graphics and skill levels, making them great for all ages. Games aren’t always educational, so it’s important to have a few that keep the mind stimulated. The below games are some of the best cashier games on the market:

  1. Crazy Cashier. Crazy Cashier is a cashier game available as a download for Android phones. It’s got great graphics that puts you into the scenario of being a cahsier at a supermarket. You’ll not only scan the item and drop it into the delivery zone, but you’ll have to calculate change and such, giving you the chance to polish up on your math skills and check to see if you’re right. So whether you’re an adult trying to keep your skills sharp or a child looking to master your math, this is a great app.
  2. Kids Cashier. Of all the cashier games on the market, this one is specifically dedicated to kids from ages six through nine. It’s made by LLT global to not only teach mathematics, but also money topics, something that everyone should learn. The graphics are great for kids and the app is very affordable. It’s one of the few games that should actually be played by kids.
  3. Fast Food Delivery. At, kids and adults alike are ringing up food, making change, and making the food. It’s a game with math skills, too. The busier the restaurant, the more food you have to make and the more transactions you have to add up and make change for. The games are designed for children but are addictive enough for an adult as well. The graphics are simple but the cashier games are challenging, so it appeals for most ages that have mastered basic math.
  4. Cashier Game. Slide to play makes a puzzle style cashier game that gets harder and harder as you continue through the different levels. The object is to make change for customers but you have to do so by touching the coins on the screen. This teaches both speed and accuracy for math as well as monetary units. If the customer makes it to the right side of the screen before the correct change is given, the game is over. It’s exciting, addictive, and great for children and adults.

Cashier games are games that are educational as well as fun. In today’s world, things have to be more technologically advanced for kids to pay attention. Flashcards just aren’t fun. Cashier games, however, are. Especially when they’re played on the computer or mom and dad’s smart phone. It teaches important things like monetary units as well as the ability to do math quickly. And when the kids aren’t playing the games, adults, too, can practice and polish their math skills with cashier games.

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