Casio Watch Band Adjustment Tips

What are some Casio watch band adjustment tips? There are several ways to adjust the watchband, or bracelet as it is commonly known in horological circles, on your Casio watch. You can remove or add links, or perform clasp adjustments. Here are a few tips which may help.

Items which may be needed:

  • Pin punches
  • Watch makers screw drivers
  • Link pusher
  • Small hammer
  1. Determine how much adjustment needed. Look carefully at how much the band needs to be adjusted. Is it enough to take out a link? If so, you will want to remove a link before adjusting the clasp for perfect fit.
  2. Remove links from both sides of the case. If you are removing more than one link, remove links from each side in the number needed to center the watch and clasp in the place which is comfortable for your wrist.
  3. Make sure screwdrivers fit perfectly. When using screwdrivers to remove links, make sure they fit perfectly so as not to ruin screw heads.
  4. Find out if links are screwed, pinned or held together by some other method. Pinned links and those links held in by friction retention will normally have little arrows on the back which show the direction in which the pin can be removed.
  5. Move one hole at a time. When adjusting the clasp, move one hole at a time. If you move too many holes, it can bind and make the job harder.
  6. Be careful of spring bars. Spring bars are the little spring-loaded pins that hold clasps together along with bracelets and straps to the watch case. They are under considerable tension and can fly away if you let them. They can travel considerable distances.
  7. Use a pusher on some Casio styled bracelet links. Casio does not always use pins or screws on their links. They sometimes use a friction fit sleeve system. On this type of link, you need to push a metal sleeve off to remove the link. A pusher of some type helps in this task. A piece of plastic with a small flat end helps when pushing on the tiny nibs provided. Push them out in the direction the arrows show.
  8. Use patience. Above all, use patience when performing adjustments. You are working with small parts, and they can be frustrating. They can get lost if you lose patience and don't pay close attention to what you are doing.
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