Cast Of ‘Punky Brewster’: Where Are They Now?

Wondering about the cast of 'Punky Brewster': Where Are They Now? Ever have a favorite show as a child that you really connected with? For millions of fans, ‘Punky Brewster’ was that show. Airing originally on NBC from 1984-1986 and then in syndication from 1986-1988, the show is about an abandoned child and her dog who are taken in by a widowed photographer after he agrees to be her foster father. While considered to be one of the best children’s shows of the 80’s, it wasn’t afraid to tackle some of the more complex social issues of the day, ranging from drug use in the suburbs, kidnapping and even one episode that directly addressed the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986. However, once the show has ceased production in 1988, the stars moved on to other interests.  

Soleil Moon Frye. Frye’s career continued after the series was over. She guest-starred in such shows as "The Wonder Years" and "Saved by the Bell" as well as a recurring role on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". But she gained serious media attention after it was announced that she was to undergo surgery  to address a condition (called gigantomastia) that had caused her breasts to balloon to 38DD in a short span of time.  Afterwards, he career began to slow down as nostalgia for her original character died down. Fyre married in 1998 and had two daughters shortly thereafter. She continues to do voiceover work for various animation projects and currently serves as co-owner of The Little Seed, a children's boutique in LA.

George Gaynes. Gaynes became a fan favorite, in part due to his role in "Punky Brewster", but also because of his role as Commandant Eric Lassard in the ‘Police Academy’ movies.  Since then, he has guest-starred in such shows as "General Hospital", "Sliders", and "Chicago Hope". He even has some directing under his belt when he worked on the comedy classic “WKRP In Cincinnati". Currently 93, he has largely retired from show business.

Cherie Johnson. She continued to work after the conclusion of "Punky Brewster", by guest starring in several different TV show including a recurring role on ‘Family Matters’. Her other roles include brief spots on "The Parkers", and "Days of Our Lives". Johnson also branched out by writing and directing her own movie called ‘I Do…I Did’. Currently, she has a few projects that will soon be released directly to DVD called "The Maul", "Fanaddict" and "Guardian of Eden."

Susie Garrett. Before her death in 2002, Garrent made a few appearances in television with her more famous sister Marla Gibbs (of "The Jeffersons" and "227" fame) and had a larger role in ‘Wicked Stepmother’ with the legendary Bette Davis, but she mostly stayed in the background with her real life granddaughter, Cherie Johnson.

Ami Foster. Like most members of the cast, Ami went on to guest star in several other televisions shows after ‘Punk Brewster’ including, 'Full House,' 'Life Goes On,'
"The Wonder Years", "Quantum Leap" and "Step by Step", before moving on to do vocal work for animation. She has since retired from the industry and according to recent reports is focused on being a mom.

T.K. Carter. Former stand-up comedian T.K. Carter had one of the more successful careers post-"Punky Brewster" by moving into a series of recurring roles on such shows as "The Sinbad Show", and "The Steve Harvey Show". He was also one of the stars of the NBC children’s show "Good Morning Ms Bliss" before it was re-worked and re-cast as "Saved By The Bell". His resume also includes such film projects as "Harlem Nights,” “Space Jam,” and “Domino.”

Casey Ellison. Before his retirement in 2002, Ellison guest starred in a few shows like, "21 Jump Street,"  "Mr. Belvedere," and "The Wonder Years." Currently, Ellison has moved on to doing work as an electrician for films.

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