Cat Pheromones

Purely by definition, cat pheromones are chemicals secreted by felines for cat communication. There are a multitude of ways that the felidae family communicates within itself, but only a few that include cat pheromones within their modus operandi. So, let's find out just how your little feline friend lets others know his intentions, thoughts, aggression and friendship.

  1. Attractants are cat pheromones released through odors secreted by the cat in question. The effects of the attractants are relatively short compared with other cat pheromones, and after a few minutes, most felines do not show response to the chemicals. During the period of effectiveness, the cat receiving the pheromones will most likely paw at or engage in some sort of attracted behavior towards the secretions.
  2. Cat urine also secretes a chemical odor. Of all the cat pheromones, this is probably the most noticeable. Male cat urine is especially known for its musty smell that indicates territorial markings. Because of the predator-prey relationship between cats and rodents, mice and rats avoid this cat pheromone with haste. While a female cat has urine that does contain the chemical MMB compound, it is less smelly. Another cat around this scent will know that this territory belongs to another feline in the area.
  3. Many believe cats also secrete a third cat pheromone, the "feline facial pheromone." While this cat secretion is more hypothetical in nature, there is some evidence to support its existence. Proponents believe that a cat will rub its face on any object or person of their liking to indicate familiarity and an alliance. Many marketers of catnip will boast that their substance contains the FFP, but conclusive evidence has yet to be done on the subject.

With all of this talk about cat pheromones, it would be idiotic of us to assume that the feline family has a primitive system of communication. Obviously, your little cat buddy has more within his face, secretions and paws than you think.



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