Catholic Contraception

Many people associate Catholic contraception with the pull out method, which is inaccurate. The Church today uses many options and choices to plan your family using Natural Family Planning. This is the only approved method of birth control by the Roman Catholic Church.

The only accepted Catholic contraception method, that the Roman Catholic Church approves, is natural family planning that relies on fertility indicators to figure the fertile times each month to avoid intercourse.  Fertile indicators are the consistency of cervical mucosa, ovulation pain, and the cervix's position.

Pope Paul VI repeated the Church's stance on the use of artificial contraception, such as condoms and hormonal drugs, in 1968. The Catholic Church only approved method is NFP, or Natural Family Planning, which is the tracking of the woman's fertile indicators. One type of NFP is the lactational amenorrhea method, which uses the infertile period during breastfeeding after the birth of a child.  The benefits of Natural Family Planning and Catholic contraception is not having to use hormonal drugs in the woman's body. This method of catholic contraception can also help when trying to conceive a child by predicting a woman's most fertile days.

There are classes across the country that teach NFP. It is strongly recommend to take a class in Natural Family Planning, without professional training NFP is ineffective. Catholic contraception and NFP is up to 99 percent effective when used correctly.  The Church believes that using Catholic contraception maintains the unitive and procreative properties of marriage by showing respect between love and fertility.

Tips/Warnings: Search online or ask your clergy to find approved Catholic contraception and Natural Family Planning classes in your town. A woman's whose health is in danger by pregnancy should talk to their doctor and clergy.

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