Caught Having Sex

Finding a way to avoid getting caught having sex isn't easy but certainly not impossible. All you need is an imagination, quick thinking and a willingness to be spontaneous. Having sex is one of the best things in life. Those who say it isn’t true hasn't had any. If you're ready to have freaky, relations without fear, keep reading.

  1. Beach. If you love getting it on spontaneously but don't know where, try the beach. All you need is a blanket, protection and freaky nature. Look for a quiet spot in the cut. Tall sea plants are great hiding places to avoid getting caught. Make sure you can see everyone else, but no one can see you. The best time to have sex on the beach is between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. on a weekday. Most people have to work early the next morning, so the beach may be completely empty. However, never choose an area where parking isn’t allowed after a certain time. You’re just asking for a cop to come looking for you. Better yet, a big fat parking ticket plastered all over your windshield.
  2. In the car. Getting caught in the car with your pants down isn’t a great feeling, especially if the person catching you is a cop. Here's some advice: avoid high traffic areas like the mall or local grocery store. Instead, choose a laundry mat on a quiet Sunday or one that is open late night. Make sure the place is empty with no cameras.
  3. Work. This may not be the ideal place to get your rocks off, but it may suffice. You can get on with the office secretary in no time flat if you know where to do it. Never choose a closet, bathroom or stairway. Most workplaces have cameras in the stairways and bathrooms are never a good idea. You never know when your nosey co-worker will suddenly need to go. With that being said, try sneaking into an empty office. Wait until the janitor has completed his rounds or everyone is at lunch. Chances of getting caught are very slim.
  4. Visiting relatives. Married couples are obligated to visit the in-laws and parents. Although this is a big letdown for active sex lives, you can still get in a quickie. To avoid getting caught having sexual intercourse, pretend that you have a stomach ache or feel ill. Upon arrival, state that you’ve been a little ill lately. It makes you seem sincere. Excuse yourself to the bathroom and signal your wife to follow a few minutes later. No one will think anything of it since she’s only acting out of concern for her honey-pie.
  5. Gas station. This suggestion isn't the cleanest way to have sex without getting caught, but it can work. Unless a truck driver really needs to make a pit stop, your chances of getting caught are low. You simply pick a unpopular gas station that isn't busy, ask for the key and do your thing. Please, don't forget to flush and wash your hands afterward.
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