Causes Of Mononucleosis

These causes of mononucleosis, or mono, may all help you prevent the serious disease. Knowing the causes can help you be prepared so your work, educational, or personal life does not get affected by the disease. Be sure to read and remember these so you can prepare yourself.

  1. Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV): Part of the herpes virus family, EBV infects nearly everyone. Sometimes there are no times, while other times mono develops. Although the symptoms of mono will eventually dissipate, EBV will remain in the body. This virus is the main  underlying cause of mono.
  2. Kissing: Mono isn't called the "kissing disease" for no reason. Mononucleosis can be caused by exchanging saliva to pass on the virus from one person to another. It is a particularly popular cause amongst teenagers.
  3. Sharing Food: Ever wonder why you parents told you not to share your food? Food sharing is a common cause of developing mononucleosis as you can catch the disease from an individual who has mono (or is about to develop mono). You must be careful doing so, because the person may not have symptoms yet, but you could still catch the disease.
  4. The Air: If an individual with mononucleosis coughs or sneezes, then the virus can be spread through saliva in the air. Therefore, although it is wise not to share your food, it may not entirely protect you from mono. Thus, it is a safe practice for everyone to cover their mouths when coughing and sneezing to keep this mononucleosis cause at bay.
  5. Saliva exchange: If you knowingly exchange saliva with anyone who has mono, you may become infected. Be prudent and make sure you wait until the individual is fully recovered. This can take weeks, and not waiting can be detrimental for your health.
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