Celebrities Exposed: 10 Best Naked Female Scandals

These are the ten best naked female scandals in celebrity history. Every now and then, people feel the urge to do something risky, like perhaps take naked photos of themselves or tape themselves having sex. But what happens when a celebrity does it and the media gets ahold of it? Then a celebrity sex scandal is created. These are the ten celebrity sex scandals that rocked the nation. When these ten scandals of naked female celebrities broke, it had everyone's attention. Here are the ten best scandals.

  1. Paris Hilton– No doubt this is the most popular celebrity sex scandal. This sex scandal propelled the career of Paris Hilton when her boyfriend released their sex tape filmed in night vision without her consent. Although she was mad at the time, she is now a household name because of it.
  2. Vanessa Hudgens- Why was this sex scandal ground breaking? Mainly because of who her employer was. Disney always had a reputation of high morals, so it was no wonder why her sex scandal was such a big deal.
  3. Pam Anderson- Pam Anderson's sex scandal was a huge deal for the obvious reasons. Pam Anderson was a huge deal; she was practically every boy's dream girl. When this dream girl was seen having sex on a boat, every one took notice.
  4. Kim Kardashian- When photos of this famous female broke, this sex scandal inflated very quickly. Kim went from being an absolute nobody to a pop icon when photos of her having sex were released through the Internet.
  5. Britney Spears- Not a single person in the country was unaware of who this celebrity was when her scandal broke out. While stepping out of a limo, Britney decided not to wear underwear and a few paparazzi took notice and snapped a few pics of her "junk". The next day, it was on every tabloid.
  6. Carmen Electra- Carmen Electra is arguably one of the hottest girls around, and her sex scandal broke what many sex scandals before hers had done. When she decided to be a guest on Howard Stern's famous show, Carmen rode a sybian machine. The sybian is a sex toy that vibrates when you sit on it and when Carmen sat on it, there were plenty of cameras around.
  7. Lindsey Lohan- This celebrity is a walking train wreck, and it was just a matter of time before she had a sex scandal of her own. Just like Britney, Linsdsey decided not to wear underwear on the wrong day and was snapped by paparazzi. Not long after Paris Hilton, of all people, made fun of her "frenemy" and called her a fire crotch in tabloids.
  8. Carrie Prejean- Carrie Prejean was your typical all American girl before her sex scandal broke. She was simply posing in a few "racy" pictures before she became involved in this scandal.
  9. Jessica Biel- Jessica Biel was a typical good girl before her scandal. She was an actor in "7th Heaven", where she played the daughter of a minister, then she shed that good girl image by appearing topless in a movie as a stripper. No one could believe it when this news broke.
  10. Kate Moss- When this celebrity decided to get out of her ride, she was wearing underpants. But what was she not wearing? A bra. When she got out of her car her boob slipped out and the media got a nip slip that was in tabloids the next day.
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