Celebrity Clothing Lines 2009

Celebrities seem to have their hands in just about everything in 2009 including celebrity clothing lines. They are always dressed to impressed. They are style icons paving the way for the fashion forward. Each year more and more celebrity designers are debuting their clothing lines. 2009 was a busy year in fashion. Some of the best names in fashion are also some of the best names in the entertainment industry.

  • Ipanema. Giselle Bundchen is a world-famous supermodel and new mommy. Even though her baby keeps her busy, she still found time to launch her line of sandals, Ipanema. She is a huge supporter of the green movement. If you purchase a pair of Ipanema sandals, you are contributing to re-foresting the Atlantic treeline. Giselle teamed up with the Florestas do Futuro program, sponsored by the SOS Mata Atlantica, to donate a percentage of proceeds to the fund.
  • Dereon. She sings. She acts. She dances. She is an all-around showstopper. Now she is known for designing one of the most successful clothing lines of the year. Beautiful Beyonce Knowles created the Dereon line. The collection features girls, juniors, and even plus-size fashion. Just like the embellished jeweled sandals, the collection is a sparkling success!
  • Rocawear. The name has been going strong for years. The brand is a staple in hip-hop fashion. Leave it to the king of hip-hop to be a king in the world of fashion, too. Even though Jay-Z sold the brand back in 2007, he still oversees the market and design. After selling the brand, he purchased a high-end line of streetwear, called Artful Dodger.

Another notable celebrity designer is Justin Timberlake with his collection of designer jeans, William Rast. Miley Cyrus teamed up with Max Azria to create her Miley Cyrus collection exclusively for Walmart. Serena Williams debuted the Aneres line backed in 2004, but it is still going strong today.



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