Celebrity Movie Blogs

Celebrity movie blogs give a peek into the lives, dramas, film projects and, obviously, gossip surrounding celebrities. These blogs cover a wide range of celebrities, from A-listers to D-list celebrities to emerging starlets. Some of these celebrity movie blogs are snarky, while others have won the affection of some movie stars for their friendly tone.

  1. Perez Hilton. Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. runs a famous movie celebrity blog under the name "Perez Hilton." He became famous both for his cranky posts and a name that is similar to socialite Paris Hilton's. His celebrity blog features movie celebrities, musicians and even the occasional nobody, and his style includes doodling comments on the tabloid photos he features on his site.
  2. Just Jared. Jared Eng is often referred to as the anti-thesis of Perez Hilton. His celebrity movie blog carries a friendly tone and features trends, celebrity photos and the latest news from the film, TV and music industry. According to the website, Justjared.com and justjaredjr.com receive heavy traffic–approximately 14 million views each month.
  3. Gawker. Gawker is part news magazine, part celebrity movie blog, and features media stalwarts, celebrities, starlets and politicians. Founded by Nick Denton in 2003, the blog is the mother blog to the other blogs carried by the company Gawker Media. Gawker’s tone is sometimes introspective and often snarky, with comments posted by readers ranging from brilliantly witty to just plain stupid.
  4. Jezebel. As one of the blogs under Gawker Media, Jezebel stands out from its siblings by catering to the female demographic. Going online in May 2007, Jezebel its tagline is “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion. Without Airbrushing.” The seven women who write about politics, sex, culture, fashion and all things scandalous editorially run Jezebel.
  5. TMZ. Acoording to the people behind TMZ, the name was taken from the old Hollywood “Thirty Mile Zone” studio rule from the 1960s. TMZ is credited as altering the entertainment news landscape and in 2007 was called as that year’s “breakout blog” by Newsweek magazine. Unlike other movie celebrity blogs, TMZ goes beyond the web as it is also aired on television.
  6. Valley Wag. Gawker Media is all over the blogosphere with Valley Wag covering Silicon Valley celebrities, their scandals, successess, failures, and the movie stars they date.
  7. Pink is the New Blog. This blog is all about celebrities, movie stars and recording artists. Similar to "Perez Hilton", comments are added on the paparazzi photos in the form of pink blocks, hence the blog name.
  8. DListed. Run by a man calling himself Michael K, DListed altered its name from D-List to its current one due to copyright reasons, as it closely resembled comedian Kathy Griffin’s TV show “My Life on the D-List.” This celebrity blog began as a mere hobby, but took off so quickly that Michael K eventually quit his New York job to do the blog permanently.
  9. Pop Crunch. PopCrunch staff refers to the blog as a “publisher of celebrity lustiness.” It is not the typical mom and pop blog run by one or two people. It actually employs a staff and has an in-house video production team.
  10. I Don’t Like You in that Way. One word can describe this celebrity movie blog and that word is snarky. A man named Todd writes posts during the week and someone named Jess covers weekends. The bloggers pride themselves for writing about anything and everything, including unsubstantiated stories.
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