Celebrity Sex Scandal: Top 5

These top 5 celebrity sex scandals are a highly searched topic and for good reason. Everyone wants to see goodie-two-shoe stars screwing up and being exposed. The number of celebrity sex scandals that are making headlines is increasing each year.

  1. Jesse James. The bad boy husband of Sandra Bullock was exposed in a celebrity sex scandal when it was discovered he was having a steamy affair with Nazi fetish model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Shortly after headlines broke, two more mistresses surfaced, claiming they also had sexual relations with Jesse.
  2. Tiger Woods. The baby-faced pro golfer seemed too perfect. His sweet image was destroyed when a celebrity sex scandal involving up to fifteen different women came to light. The most famous mistress was porn star Joslyn James. Heads rolled when she published the sex texts between her and Tiger on her website. The texts were completely uncensored and graphic with phrases that only a hardcore porn writer would be comfortable using. Tiger's image will never be the same.
  3. Ethan Hawke. The actor is married to "Kill Bill" actress Uma Thurman. In a celebrity sex scandal that surprised everyone, Ethan slept with the family nanny and had a child with her. Maybe the "Kill Bill" should have been renamed to "Kill Ethan Hawke."
  4. Charlie Sheen. Here's a celebrity sex scandal can even hit the most beautiful couples. Hottie Denise Richards and actor Charlie Sheen went to divorce court after Charlie thought sleeping with his assistant would get him better movie reviews.
  5. Jon Gosselin. The dad who became a reality television star on "Jon and Kate Plus 8" strayed from his wife, Kate, multiple times. Jealous over his wife's celebrity status, he went looking for comfort everywhere except home.   
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