Chair Massage Techniques

These chair massage techniques provide quick but effective ways of giving a massage. A chair massage is often used when giving short massage sessions that may last between 10 and 30 minutes. Using these chair massage techniques will allow the receiver to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a massage no matter how short the massage session can be. 

  1. A chair massage is specially used for giving quick massage to the back. Make sure that the receiver is comfortably seated on the massage chair with the person giving the massage having a full access to the back area. The receiver is usually asked to sit with his back facing the massager. Make sure the receiver is comfortably seated before beginning the massage session.
  2. Most massage therapists give the Swedish massage technique for a chair massage. This kind of massage involves light hand strokes with gliding movement but because a chair massage is given with the clothes on, it would be impractical to use massage oil causing a Swedish massage inappropriate as a chair massage technique.
  3. There are massage strokes that are more appropriate and effective when giving a chair massage. These techniques involve hand strokes using compression, squeezing, percussion, and kneading motions. Compression stroke provides acupressure effect. Squeezing technique involves squeezing the muscle fibers between two contact points. Kneading involves giving circular motions on the muscles while percussion is given with a chopping motion of the hands which has a very relaxing effect. Percussion is the favorite chair massage technique for many.
  4. These stroking techniques used in a chair massage provide relaxation to the muscles. The therapeutic benefit is obtained through the hand strokes and pressure applied along the muscle fibers. Rapid strokes help stimulate nerves that make the muscles more responsive while lighter pressure and massage strokes are better in providing soothing relief to a tired muscle.



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