Chair Sex Positions

If you are tired of boring missionary style sex in the bed, then here are some fun chair sex positions. These positions will give you more options outside of the bedroom.

  1. Cowgirl Lap Dance. Sit upright in a chair and have your woman straddle you face to face.  Let her have complete control as she giddy up for a fun ride. This is a chair sex position that will bring you both pleasure.
  2. Armchair Sex. Sit upright in an arm chair and let your woman place her legs over your shoulders. She will need to have upper arm strength in order to hold herself up with each hand on each arm rest. Now let her get into the rhythm of riding your penis up and down. This is by far one of the hardest chair sex positions.
  3. Seated Rear Entry. Sit upright in a kitchen table chair and let your woman squat down on your penis. This is one of the most enjoyable chair sex positions because she will have control of her hip action and the depth of the penetration, and you can feel free to grab her hips and move her to your rhythm.
  4. The Stand & Lean. This is by far one of the easiest chair sex positions because you will have your woman stand, lean over and grip the back of the chair while you grab her hips and thrust your penis inside her from behind.
  5. Row His Boat. Sit slouched down in a chair and have your woman straddle you face to face bending her legs and placing them slightly open on your chest.  Hold on to each other tight because this is one of the more difficult chair sex positions to master.
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