Champagne Float Recipes

For your next dinner party try one of several champagne float recipes that are available for dessert. Champagne floats are fun to make and require very little time. Do a search for champagne float recipes using your favorite search engine. The recipes and variations are abundant. 

To make a champagne float you will need:

  • vanilla ice cream
  • ice cream scooper
  • fruit of choice
  • champagne
  • eight oz. champagne glass
  • garnish (fruit of choice or mint leaves)
  1. Put three pieces of fruit in bottom of glass to make champagne float. If using berries three small berries will do. If using a larger fruit for example peaches cut into one half inch squares before putting in glass
  2. Take ice cream scoop and make small round balls of ice cream. Put on top of fruit in glass.
  3. Pour chilled champagne over ice cream. Make sure champagne is well chilled before pouring over cold ice cream. Slowly fill glass until champagne reaches one half inch from top of glass to create a champagne float.
  4. Garnish champagne float with corresponding fruit or mint leaf.

The thing that make a champagne float so much fun is that you can be as creative as you want with them once you understand how they are made. Champagne floats are more visually elegant than anything else. They are made in tall thin fluted champagne glasses, white wine glasses, vintage cut glass or any type of crystal that is out of the ordinary. Champagne floats are comprised of any one fruit and or a sorbet or ice cream with a chilled white champagne or rose champagne poured over the contents in the glass.

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