Chancroid Symptoms

Learn about chancroid symptoms and find out if you could be suffering from this sexually transmitted disease. There are a number of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), but not all of them are common or known to the general public. Chancroid is one such STD with potentially severe consequences. However, treatment is available from a physician once chancroid is diagnosed.

  1. Know if you may have contracted chancroid. This STD is easier to transmit than some others, because of the fact that it can be caught through only skin-to-skin contact with an infected individual's genital area. It may also be transmitted via sexual intercourse or mutual masturbation.
  2. Raised, red bumps generally begin to appear within a few days to a week after infection. In men, these most often appear on the penis or in the perianal area.
  3. If you are suffering from chancroid symptoms, these bumps will fill with puss and erupt over the course of several days. In their place, you will see open sores, called ulcers. As many as half of all men will experience only a single ulcer. It's important to recognize this chancroid symptom as a possible sign of STD infection, and seek appropriate treatment from a physician.
  4. Ulcers which heal slowly are another indication that you are suffering from chancroid symtpoms. These ulcers often bleed, release pus and take many weeks to heal on their own.
  5. If you do not seek treatment for your chancroid symptoms, further complications may develop. Half of all cases involve infection of the lymph glands in the genital area. Glands may become hard, swollen and pus-filled, eventually breaking open. This is one of the most painful chancroid symptoms.
  6. Development of other STDs can be a complication of chancroid symptoms. Chlamydia, HIV and gonorrhea have all been associated with contracting chancroid. If you develop chancroid symptoms, you should be tested not just for this STD, but for others you may have acquired as well.
  7. You are at higher risk of infection and thus more likely to suffer from chancroid symptoms if you belong to certain groups. These include uncircumcised men, those with multiple partners and those who regularly engage in unprotected sexual activity. Those infected with HIV also appear to be at increased risk of contracting chancroid.


Chancroid symptoms