Change Aim Password

Need to know how to change your AIM password? It's good to keep up the security on your AIM account by changing your password regularly. Thankfully, it's easy to change your AIM password with a few menu options.

To change your AIM password, you will need:

  • AIM (AOL instant messenger)
  1. Open AIM and sign in to your account.
  2. Click the "Options" or "Menu" button on the top of the AIM window (The name of the button depends on which version of AIM you're using).
  3. Click "Settings." Select the tab "Sign In/Sign Out." Click "Change My Password."
  4. Answer the security question and click "Continue." You would have set the security question when you set up your AIM account.
  5. Click "Change Password," located in the bottom left corner of the "My Account Overview" menu.
  6. Type in your new password and retype it in the "Confirm Password" section. Click "Save."


  • If you need to change your AIM password because you forgot your old one, go to the AOL home page and click "AIM Express." Click "AIM," then click the "Forgot" link above "Password." Follow the directions to confirm your account and change your password.
  • Your password must be between six and sixteen characters long. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive, meaning that you must type in your password exactly, including lowercase or capital letters.
  • When you change your AIM password, consider using a strong password to protect your account better. A strong password contains at least fourteen characters and a variety of lower and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. Avoid guessable dictionary words; use abbreviations or acronyms to help you remember your passwords.
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