Change Facebook Color

While there is no permanent way to change the Facebook color, you can tweak how you view the pages through the power of javascript and your browser. Unlike other social networking websites, Facebook does not allow users to input any code. Everyone with a Facebook page uses the same colors and background as everyone else. While some folks find this uniformity boring, it keeps the load times low which is important for the mobile market. To change the colors, you will need to download some applications. It is also important to note that after you do this, your actual Facebook page will remain the same. Unless you are using your customized browser, your Facebook page will look exactly like the other 500 million Facebook pages. At the bottom of the article are the resource URLs.

To change Facebook color, you will need:

  • Firefox Internet browser
  • Greasemonkey add-on
  • Facebook Color Changer script
  1. Browser. To change Facebook color, you will first need to download and install Firefox. This nimble browser should be your preferred browser regardless but what makes it especially fun are all the add-ons available.
  2. Add-on. Once you have Firefox up and running you will need to get the add-on called Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey uses javascript to change the appearance of webpages. After Firefox installs Greasemonkey, you will have to restart your browser.
  3. Script. Greasemonkey will allow you to use the hundreds of scripts available for download including one that will allow you to change Facebook color. This script is called Facebook Color Changer. Just click to install the script and you are done.
  4. Tweak. To change Facebook color, you will need to go to the ‘Tools’ section of the Firefox browser. Find the ‘Greasemonkey’ option, then select ‘Userscript Commands’ and then choose ‘Customize Facebook colors'. Choose whatever color scheme you desire and when you are done click ‘Set’.:



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