Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship

The characteristics of a healthy relationship often vary from couple to couple, but a couple key aspects, such as communication, dating, and giving each other ample time with their friends and family, are all positive aspects to have in any relationship. Some of these characteristics may be more important to some couples than others, but most couples will find their relationship to be very rewarding if they feature some, if not all, of these characteristics. By taking a closer look at these characteristics of a healthy relationship, couples can begin to understand not only each other, but their partners; and what they value in a relationship.

  1. Communication is key. Communicating correctly with your partner is probably the most important characteristic of a healthy relationship. A healthy, mutually beneficial relationship features a healthy line of communication between both of the parties involved. This form of communication includes understanding your partner’s needs, listening to them intently before jumping to conclusions, and asking insightful questions that show your partner that you’re paying attention to them, that you care, and want to give them a chance to express a certain feeling or emotion to you.
  2. The dating game. Most younger couples may assume that once you’re “tied down” to someone, whether this includes being in a serious relationship, engaged, or married, that you no longer go on dates. Actually, most successful couples date on a regular basis with either friends that are couples or by themselves. Dating is a key characteristic to a healthy relationship because it shows that you’re still very interested in your partner. It can also lead to other key characteristics such as sexual fulfillment or social stability.  
  3. Free time. The ways in which couples spend their free time; which is time not devoted to work or other adult-related obligations, can be a key characteristic of a healthy relationship. Face it, you simply can’t stand being around your significant other all of the time. While this initial revelation may seem mean or cold-hearted, time spent apart doing something of your own interests can be an important factor in allowing couples to remain close in a healthy relationship. Whether it allows the members of the relationship to miss each other or spend quality time doing something that they enjoy, time spent apart and free time is a crucial aspect to any healthy relationship.
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