Charades Ideas

The first element in a great game of charades is a great list of charades ideas. Charades is a widely popular game among many age groups. It’s an easy game that anyone from the youngest to the oldest can play. It’s a great game for parties, family nights, or rainy days. You only need enough people to make two teams and your game of charades is almost ready to begin. The game is played by each team creating clues for the other team to try to act out. The difficulty can sometimes be that teams have a hard time thinking of charades ideas, or clues for the game. You want your charades idea to be challenging, but not too difficult for the other team. You also want it to be something fun for the team doing the challenge and the team watching. Here are some charades ideas that will be sure to make your next game of charades fun for everyone.

  1. Movie Titles– Movie are great charades ideas because there are tons to choose from. There are two routes that you can take when using movie titles. You can use popular films that more people are familiar with or you can choose less popular films to throw your opponents off. Also, try choosing movie titles with words that might be difficult to act out.
  2. Song Titles– Song titles are another great charades idea based on the vast amount of options. There are a lot of really long song titles which can provide a fun challenge for the opposing team. And for you watching.
  3. Popular Places– Places may seem like a harder option at first simply because it can be difficult to try to act out a place since it’s not a standard word. The best idea would be for the person to act out some things that are usually associated with that place. For example, if you were trying to act out Disney World, you may want to imitate the actions of some of the popular characters.
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