Chastity Lifestyle

Dictionaries and credible sources have always defined the chastity lifestyle as being pure and abstaining from sexual intercourse. In some cases, chastity can simply mean avoiding sexual relations before entering into a marriage, moderating your sexual intercourse, or even maintaining fidelity to your spouse. For most, though, it means abstaining from sex. In some cases, a chastity belt can even be worn to ensure that sexual intercourse is virtually unattainable.

For some, sexual intercourse is viewed as a sacred and beautiful interaction that shouldn’t be taken for granted. In the opinions of some, it is only meant to happen between a man and his wife, and under other any other circumstances, it is considered a pretty serious sin. This is where the chastity lifestyle comes in, to keep things pure and void of “contamination.”

Chastity is often referred to as being a virtue, since it takes strong endurance and resistance for most people. However, the chastity lifestyle has often been said to bring couples closer together from the increase in trust, love, and commitment. Because so many couples today have sexual relations before marriage, it is often speculated that many of these types of relationships go sour quickly.

If you’re thinking about entering into a lifestyle of chastity, there are some basic things to remember. First, keep in mind that sexual acts always begin with thoughts. Keeping your mind free of sexual thoughts and temptations can really be a big help in the battle between you and sex. This also means that you need to stay away from pornography. The sight or sound of another person (or persons) having sex is more than enough to arouse sexual feelings in your own self. Because of this, steer clear of questionable material that could provoke you.

Additionally, it’s important not to get yourself into any situations that could bring on sexual intercourse. For example, if you’re going on a date, make sure that you’ve organized things to do that don’t involve being alone together. Going the extra mile to stay away from sex will help increase the effectiveness of chastity in you.

Chastity is not meant to be an easy task, but one that takes lots of work and focus. However, the rewards are plentiful. You are rewarded with trust and love from your significant other or the opposite sex, you build endurance and a backbone, peace within yourself, etc.

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