Chat With Strangers

You're going out with your buddies and you have all these fantasies running through your head of having drinks, chatting with strangers (you're hoping women!)  and hitting on those ladies. Dancing follows and maybe a little some extra, right?  But then something goes terribly wrong. You have the drinks, talk to your buddies…but do nothing other than shoot "I'm a stalker"-type looks at all those attractive women. What went wrong? There's actually some technique needed to chat with strangers if you aren't the most outgoing kind of guy or are easily intimidated by the pretty ladies. 

  1. Have a Goal In Mind Before You Go Out: You already know your skills at chatting with strange women aren't exactly at the top of the game ladder. Tell yourself before you leave that you're going to chat with every women that is wearing purple or that has a nose ring. This will help prevent being overwhelmed by trying who to talk to. Remember, we're practicing here!
  2. Know the Topics: A lot of guys will approach a strange woman, attempt to chat, but not have a damn thing to say. If you're not quick on your feet have a couple of "open-ended, fact-finding questions" already in mind. These are questions that can't be answered with a simple "yes"or "no". This will help to get her talking. An example of this kind of question would be "Are you having a good time?  What do you like about this club/bar/party?" Try that kind of question right of the bat and then introduce yourself and ask her name. Then wait for an answer to your initial question. Do not start with "Suup?"
  3. Be Presentable Yourself: For the love of Zeus, don't strike up a conversation without knowing that your breath is good and you have zero cave clingers in the nostrils! Check the fly. Some things can used as ice breakers but those things are not good ways to start chats with women.
  4. Don't Put Pressure on Yourself: In fact, have no expectations. You'll be more comfortable and act more like yourself. No need to "throw game" constantly guys. Strike up a conversation and talk about the natural things: her and you.
  5. Don't Lie Right off the bat: If you're Joe the mechanic you don't have to be Marco the international model and marketing guru for her to be impressed. Imagine if she starts asking questions about modeling, marketing and Latin names and she has knowledge of those things? Chat about you. Not what you think she'll be impressed with.
  6. By all means focus on the positive: If you're chatting with a stranger you probably shouldn't be on the topics of your ongoing child support battle or parole hearing within the next five minutes of small talk. Don't lie but don't kill yourself from the beginning with tragic personal details. The girls actually like being "chatted with" and with not "chatted at"-especially if they know that you're a mess and are only trying to pick them up.
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