Chatroulette Alternative

If you like chatting on cam but are tired of or can't access Chatroulette for whatever reason, you may be interested in finding out about Chatroulette alternatives. These Chatroulette alternatives are very similar to the original but may have less users or may be focused on a specific type of chat partner. Here is a list of Chatroulette alternatives you may enjoy.

BlindCamDate. BlindCamDate has the same type of chat capabilities as Chatroulette. But, it has one different feature and that is the scan button that you can click when you see someone you like. It has a lot of users so you don't have to worry about sitting there with no one to talk to. And, while it's simple, it gets the job done.

SeshRoulette. SeshRoulette is a site similar to Chatroulette, except you'll typically find marijuana users on its chat platform. It has a very nice and colorful setup and has the same type of chat capabilities as Chatroulette except the users are typically tokers.

WocChat. This chat site has a roulette chat just like Chatroullete. It's simplistic, free and not overly bombarded with other features. However, you may have a more difficult time finding someone you want to chat with.

Chat Spasm. This site is a lesser-known chat site that may eventually gain users, but at the present, the choices are limited. It is a definite Chatroulette alternative but you may be hard-pressed to find someone to talk to.

Camzap. This alternative focuses on matching you with someone from your own country. Their chat system has a large variety of countries that are available, something some of the Chatroulette alternatives do not have. They claim to have a high ratio of matching ability.

These Chatroulette alternatives give you a choice. You may even find one that you like better than Chatroulette or at the very least, you can add another chat service to your favorites.

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