Cheap Car Paint

The best cheap car paint is the kind of paint that will paint your ride for you effectively, but will not drain your wallet excessively. It is also the kind of paint that you want–because you want paint that will show the outside world at large your car in all its most brilliant glory. Now, if you can only find that irritating neighborhood kid to apply it to your car for you…free of charge!

  1. Starfire Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint – Aqua Pearl Metallic. The best cheap car paint is without a doubt this one-gallon can that will fulfill all your automobile-painting needs. An advantage to this great cheap car paint is that it is quick-drying in addition to being sold at an affordable price. Another good feature of this cheap car paint is that you will not be taken in vain after you put it on: It is a car paint that is designed to be long-term durable and also resistant to impact and abrasion of any and all kinds. So if you need cheap car paint, then look no farther than this item.
  2. 5 Star HOT ROD Black Acrylic Lacquer Sandable Primer. If you need to put primer on your vehicle, then you should not have to pay an arm and a leg to do so. This special paint will certainly ensure that you don't, seeing as how it is reasonably priced at less than 40 bucks a gallon, a steal for paint like primer. Another bonus of this fine primer is how it sticks to your vehicle's surface effectively, and it only takes 15 minutes to dry, great features for cheap car paint! Finally, this car paint also sands in a very fast manner.
  3. Ultra Xtreme Urethane Clear Coat. This is the most expensive type of car paint on this list, but in context, it still is a cheaper car paint than what you would find at most places. This clear coat cheap car paint affords you with three, unbeatable results. One, it provides UV protection to your sweet baby that you like to call your car. Two, it also offers a very high form of gloss to your car's surface, which is clearly desirable when you are out cruising for chicks with your William Hung CD blaring at full blast. And, finally, applying this car paint to your vehicle gives you unbeatable, long-term duration.
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