Cheap Wrestling Singlets

These cheap wrestling singlets provide a wrestler the protection and comfort he needs at an affordable price. Generally, if you are wrestling in a competitive, organized environment (high school, college, etc.), you will receive a team-issued singled to be used in competition. In practice, however, you will usually need to provide your own singlet to save wear and tear on the team bought one. There's no need to have an expensive wrestling singlet in practice, so buy one of the singlets on this list and save yourself some cash.

  1. Brute Lycra Brief Although technically not a wrestling singlet, at a price of $15 or less the Brute lycra brief protects and covers your unmentionables, making it useable in practice if you're really on a tight budget. It's lined with sanitary cotton to give you extra padding and protection. Consult your coach or trainer to make sure this is an allowable piece of practice apparel before you go ahead and buy a pair.
  2. ASICS Solid Modified Singlet ASICS is one of the most reputable manufacturers of apparel for all sports, not just wrestling. The ASICS modified singlet is their cheapest model on the market at around $30. The flat seam stitching decreases the weight of the material while the elastic leg openings keep the singlet in place, preventing it from bunching or moving while you're wrestling.
  3. Brute Men's Lyrca High Cut Wrestling Singlet The Brute men's lycra high cut wrestling singlet is similar in price to the ASICS solid modified singlet and like the ASICS singlet, it has elastic bands around the leg holds to ensure a comfortable fit that is snug enough to stay in place. The torso is high cut, so if you're looking for a little more breathing room for your upper body, this is the wrestling singlet for you.
  4. Adidas Lehigh Reversable Wrestling Singlet The most expensive wrestling singlet on our list, the Adidas Lehigh can be bought for approximately $50. The design is similar to that of the Brute wrestling singlet, with a smaller and more breathable torso. What the increased price gets you is two singlets for the price as one, as you can wear it in either red or blue. This wresting singlet is perfect for a team, as you can designate scrimmage squads or practice partners to correspond with the two color choices.
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