Cheat Codes For Battlefield 2 Modern Combat For Xbox 360

Looking for cheat codes for "Battlefield 2": Modern Combat" for Xbox 360? If you look at a dedicated video game web site, you can find plenty of ways to unlock achievements, but you have to read a lot of achievement information to find cheat codes. We have sorted it all out for you and found the most useful "Battlefield 2 Modern Combat" Cheats for the Xbox 360.

  1. Get Two Helicopters In The Air Traffic Control Mission. You start out as a sniper. Turn around and aim carefully at the pilot in the helicopter behind you. Make sure you kill the pilot and then hop into the vehicle. Wait for the jeeps to come by and repeat the process. Flying fast really doesn't count as a cheat for Modern Battlefield or any other Xbox 360 game does it?
  2. Get All The Weapons. Hold "LB" + "RB"m then quickly press "Right(2)", "Down", "Up", Left(2)" during game play in offline single player mode
  3. Avoid Missiles In Multi-player Mode. If you fly the helicopters as fast as you can, you can dodge many missiles. The GTAM missiles will still give you problems.
  4. How to Get Unlimited Health. Many other games, including the classic "Wolfenstein 3D" call this cheat god mode. To enter got mod: Press "Start" during game play then hold "RB" and "LB." Then press "X(2)". You will hear beep beep beep and you should live for ever.
  5. RPG Rocket Challenge Point Grabber. When using an RPG to fire at a vehicle, make sure you are at the maximum distance for the weapon. When you hit the vehicle, you will get the highest number of points possible for the target.
  6. The EA Formation Easter Egg. Unlock the frag grenade weapon challenge. Kill every enemy up to round 10. If you are not a skilled gamer, it may take you a few tries to accomplish this. In round eleven, the soldiers will march in the shape of an E and then an A. It's not really a "Battlefield 2: Modern Combat" Xbox 360 cheat.
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