Cheat Codes For Battlefield 2 For PS2

Looking for some cheat codes for Battlefield 2 for PS2? "Battlefield 2" is a first person shooter game that is made by Digital Illusions CE and published by EA Games. In "Battlefield 2," you will use modern weapon systems to fight out fictional battles on modern battlefields. The missions in "Battlefield 2" involve clashes that occur between China, the United States Marines and a fictional Middle Eastern Coalition.

  1. Unlock All Weapons. One of the best cheat codes for "Battlefield 2" for PS2 is the unlock all weapons cheat code. As you complete missions in "Battlefield 2," you will gain access to the available weapons. However, by using this cheat code, you will immediately unlock all weapons that are available in "Battlefield 2." You can use the unlock all weapons cheat code by holding L2 and R2 at the same time and pressing RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, LEFT, LEFT.
  2. Double Speed. Are the missions moving along too slowly for you in "Battlefield 2"? You can use the double speed cheat code for "Battlefield 2" for PS2 to double the speed of all missions. To use this cheat code, go to the "Setup Menu," select "Cheat Codes," and press START, X, X, X, O, O, O, SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, START.
  3. Scrap-Yard Scene. The scrap-yard scene is one of the best missions in "Battlefield 2." You can use the following cheat code to bypass all other missions and skip to the scrap-yard scene. To use this cheat code for "Battlefield 2" for PS2, go to the "Setup Menu," select "Cheat Codes," and enter START, O, R1, O, R1, X, X, START using your PS2 controller.
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