Cheat Codes For Far Cry On PC

Looking for cheat codes for Far Cry on PC? There are only three cheat codes for Far Cry on PC. They are for invincibility, all weapons and extra ammunition. Invincibility, or god mode, makes you invulnerable to attack. All weapons gives you access to every weapon in Far Cry. Extra Ammunition gives you unlimited ammunition. This article will tell you how to activate and use all of them. Have fun with these Far Cry cheat codes!

  1. Load the game and your save game. The cheats are all done in the game through the console. Start the game up and load your save game to get to the console.
  2. Open the console. Once you have loaded your save game, press the tilde key which is in the top left of your keyboard. The key looks like this: "~". Once the console is open, type in the following cheat codes without the quotes and press "enter" to acquire the corresponding cheat. Invincibility: god_mode_count=1. All weapons: give_all_weapons=1. Extra ammunition: give_all_ammo=1.
  3. Close the console. After you have entered the cheats you want, close the console by once again pressing the tilde key. Whichever cheats you selected should now be active!
  4. Test the cheat. If you turned on invincibility, find a fight to get into and see if you sustain any damage. If you do, open the console back up and enter the cheat code again. The same goes for the other two cheats. If you do not have access to all the weapons or if you do not have extra ammunition, enter the corresponding cheats again. They should work if you enter them correctly.
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