Cheat Codes For KOTOR 2 On PC

Cheat Codes for KOTOR 2 on PC would make the game go better for the player. There are no actual codes but there are several series of button and controller manipulations the player can use just like the cheats. The acronym is short for "Knights of the Old Republic II" and is one of the Star Wars games. During the game the characters take themselves down a path of the Light or Dark Side and fight the enemies using the Force or the light saber. After advancing through half of the game, the player can obtain the light saber, unless you know the cheats for obtaining it quicker.

  1. Leave Telos and go to the area known as the Nar Shaddaa at once. You will be able to use your Cheat Codes for KotOR 2 on PC once in this area.
  2. Advance to the dock area and go through the door on the left wall that goes to the living quarters.
  3. Go through the next to last door at the hallways end. This Cheat Codes for KotOR 2 on PC will get your saber faster.
  4. Taunt Lootra, a man who is waiting inside. This causes him to attack and you will later use your Cheat Codes for KotOR 2 on PC.
  5. Kill Lootra and take the light saber from him. You will get a point for the Dark Side.
  6. Get to the alignment meter’s 25 percent designation then go back to Ebon Hawk and fight him. This provides the remainder of the power you need for the Light Saber.
  7. Look for chances to score more points along the way if you need them.
  8. Go to Geeda, the merchant to buy a colored crystal.
  9. Another way to get the saber cheat is to hit the “~” button on the keyboard. Type “giveitem [itemcode]. Bao-Dur can make the saber but you may have to play with fewer weapons. To avoid this type in "lspart01," "lspart02" and "lspart03” for the fixtures. Cheat Codes for KotOR 2 on PC allow you to get the parts you need faster.
  10. Type "u_l_colo_XX," replace the XX with a number 01-05 or 07-11 to choose a color. These Cheat Codes for KotOR 2 on PC will allow you to work faster through the game.
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