Cheat Codes For Sims 2 Double Deluxe

Cheat Codes For Sims 2 Double Deluxe are easy to use and make the game a lot of fun. You can enhance your gameplay with them and even make some movie effects that can be shared on the Sims 2 website. Grab a pencil and paper and write down or print out these awesome cheats for your game.

  1. First you have to open the cheat window. You achieve this be hitting control + select + c on the keyboard. Once you do that a window pops up in your game and you can enter your cheats.
  2. The "maxmotives" cheat is a good one to start with. Open your cheat menu by following step 1 as listed above. Then type "maxmotives" and hit enter. This will enable all of your Sims to have their "motives" maxed out. This makes for happy Sims.
  3. Then to keep the Sims happy use the motives decay cheat. Enter the cheat window as you know to do now. Then type "motive decay off" into the cheat window. then hit enter. Now your Sims will stay happy.
  4. If you want to make some Sims 2 movies then you need to open the game up a bit. Otherwise you have to play for hours before you can get that "look" on your Sims that you want for a movie. Try the career cheat. Open the cheat window and type "unlockcareerrewards". This allows your Sim to be anything that they want. That opens up various costumes for your Sim to enjoy. then start making your movies. you can have a lot of fun with that cheat making movies for the Sims 2 web site.
  5. If you have a preggo Sim then try this cheat for fun. The "force twins" cheat allows your pregnant Sim to have twins. Open the cheat window when you have a pregnant Sim. Then type "forcetwins" and hit enter. Then watch the multiples arrive. This is a very useful cheat if your Sim wants to be a parent of ten children. They can have less pregnancies and the babies that they desire.
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