Cheat Codes For The Stronghold Crusader

The cheats for "The Stronghold Crusader" are actually cool. Most times, PC games have a few good codes and the rest are just manipulation of game glitches, and script. "The Stronghold Crusader" actually has cheats that'll help you dominate the game quite easily. Some of the cheats in "The Stronghold Crusader" to take advantage of a rather stupid enemy A.I., but oh well. The title of the game is "The Stronghold Crusader," not "The Charity Case Warrior." You're not supposed to be nice to your enemies. And, with these "Stronghold Crusader" codes, you'll devastate your enemy.

  1. Before you get started. In order to plug in the cheat codes for "The Stronghold Crusader", you have to go to the main menu. Press and hold SHIFT and ALT keys, then press a. This will open up the following codes for use.
  2. Extra soldiers. It's a battle, who doesn't need extra soldiers? Simply press ALT, and B. Your army numbers will increase.
  3. Unlock all missions. Choose where to kill. Press ALT, and C. Now you can choose where to go.
  4. Debug mode. Debug modes allow you to manipulate nearly any aspect of the gameplay. Press ALT, and D. Now you can play God in "The Stronghold Crusader".
  5. Free Purchases and Upgrades. There's nothing wrong with greed when you use this cheat code. Press ALT, and F. You won't have to pay for anything.
  6. Destroy the Main Stronghold. This'll disable the stronghold. Press ALT, and G. Storm the castle!
  7. Build anything without resources. This is just too much power for one person to have. Press ALT, and K. It just isn't fair.
  8. Increase your character level. Now it's getting out of hand. Press ALT,  and P. This will increase the level of your character.
  9. Compress time. Press ALT,  and Q. Now you can compress time. This''ll make your plundering happen at a faster rate. 
  10. Shifting time. Yeah, yeah. You really are playing God now. Press ALT, and S to time shift.
  11. Money and popularity. This particular cheat code will add one thousand to your money and one hundred to your popularity levels. Just press ALT, and X. Now you're famous and rich.  
  12. Instantly destroy an enemy. Press ALT, and Z. The enemy you select will be destroyed. Pretty awesome.
  13. Great game glitch. You want to know how to trap your enemy in his castle. It's almost not fair, but here goes. When playing "The Stronghold Crusader", make sure your enemy has their keep enclosed. Surround their castle and prepare for a siege. Put a small animal driven field unit in front of the gate and put it to sleep. Apparently, when the field unit sleeps it can't be attacked. The enemy will be stuck inside the castle. Over time, you'll notice the enemy's assets beginning to crumble because the workers won't be able to access the castle.
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