Cheat To Finish New Fuel Source Quest For KOTOR 2

Technically, you cannot find a cheat to finish new fuel source quest for "KOTOR 2." The inhabitants of Citadel Station are having resource problems beyond the wildest nightmares of ecologists. In the real world, Greenpeace or some other similar organization might help Citadel station solve this problem. But in the "Star Wars" universe, which "KOTOR 2" takes place in, a Hutt is more than willing to solve most problems for a price.

  1. Download a Recent "Knights of the Old Republic 2" patch. A glitch in the original  "KOTOR 2" game prevented players from going back to Nar Shaddaa if they skip this side quest. The patch lets players go back and resolve content they may have missed.
  2. Go See Vogga the Hutt. Vogga the Hutt looks like a giant slug. His accommodations are considerably less dusty than the accommodations provided by Jabba's palace in Tattooine. Ask him about the new fuel source. He will send you to kill Goto. The Hutt eagerly awaits for Goto's removal from the Exchange.
  3. Talk to Bith in Vogga's Palace before leaving Nar Shaddaa in "Knights of the Old Republic 2." Bith has found the alternate fuel source you need. You can negotiate with him directly and avoid the criminal element if you have already been to Citadel Station. Otherwise read on. You can also kill Bith to get the fuel.
  4. Go see Goto in Nar Shaddaa. Mention that you wanted to dance for him to get some experience. Use the distraction to dispatch him if you have decided to go the Dark Side route and kill the gangster. You do not get the quest points until Goto is removed if you have negotiated the deal with Vogga. Don't question why "KOTOR 2" is set up this way.
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