Cheats In Battlefield Vietnam

These cheats in Battlefield Vietnam will allow you greater control over your single-player experience. Battlefield Vietnam is mainly an online multiplayer game, which means that cheating is frowned upon and punished. That does not stop it from having cheats for single-player. These Battlefield Vietnam cheats allow you to change the way the game is played. Often a cure for boredom, these cheats can help switch up the general gameplay and turn you into an unstoppable monster. Most of these Battlefield Vietnam cheats are entered through the developer's console, which is activated by pressing the tilde key (~).

  1. Invincibility. Sometimes you just wanna turn into an unstoppable war machine. Open the developer's console and type in "aiCheats.code ByeByeNow." This will, of course, make you invincible, as well as stop the tickets from draining. Since the tickets do not drain anymore, the map will never end, so you will have to change maps manually. Use this code when you feel more like doing some target practice instead of an actual game.
  2. Free camera. Being unable to move the camera after a death can be quite a bother. By entering "game.enableFreeCamera 1" into the developer's console, you no longer have to sit in the same spot when you die. Entering "game.enableFreeCamera 0" will turn this option off. This cheat for Battlefield Vietnam allows you to get a better view on the enemy while waiting to respawn.
  3. Spawn at your camera. Sometimes you just do not want to have to walk all the way back to the fights. The distance can get quite large. To spawn at your camera's current position, type "aiCheats.code WalkingIsWayTooTiresomeInVietnam" into the developer's console.
  4. Easy plane repairs. The general method of repairing and re-arming planes in Battlefield Vietnam requires you to actually land your plane, which can be quite a hard thing to do. If you want to repair your plane without landing, simply fly just above the runway. This sometimes makes the game thing you are on the ground and will repair your plane. This may actually be more troublesome than actually landing the plane itself, but at least you do not have to slow down.
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