Cheats For Company Of Heroes Opposing Fronts

THQ included numerous cheats for Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, the stand alone follow up to the original Company of Heroes RTS. Use these codes to give your army a advantage on the field, or just to manipulate the game in convenient or humorous ways. Cheats require editing some of the game parameters outside the application proper.

  1. Right click on the shortcut used to launch Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. Select "Properties" from the list of options. Click in the "Target" dialog box and add a single space to the existing text, followed by "-dev." This parameter is necessary for some cheats to operate properly. Do not modify any other elements of the Properties window. Click "OK" to save.
  2. Start Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts using the modified shortcut. Click "Campaign" or "Skirmish" to start a single player game. Most cheats will not operate in multiplayer, as they can confer advantage when used by only one player.
  3. Press "Ctl + Shift + ~" during play. This opens the developer console used to enter cheats and run other commands. Type cheats and press "Enter" to activate them.
  4. Change how fog of war works. The "FOW_Toggle" cheat turns fog of war off, leaving any previously explored region permanently visible. Repeat the code to turn fog of war back on. Use "FOW_RevealAll" to completely remove all fog on the map, and allow your army to see everything on the battlefield. 
  5. Activate big head mode. This classic cheat from previous gaming generations has made the transition to Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. The code "ee_bigheadmode 1" turns big heads on, and the "ee_bigheadmode 0" entry turns them off again.
  6. Unclutter the game screen. Use the "taskbar_hide" code to remove the button icons from the screen, giving you a clear view of the Company of Heroes battlefield at the expense of control. Reactivate the buttons with "taskbar_show."
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