Cheats For Company Of Heroes

This is a comprehensive list of cheats for Company of Heroes. This is an amazing game that was produced for the PC, and will be loads of fun for many people. Some of these codes will make the game easier, or more comical and others are used for other reasons such as rage quitting, or even to see if your computer is running the game smoothly.

In order to enter cheats in Company of Heroes while in game you must hold CTRL + SHIFT + TILDE (~), or CTRL + SHIFT + @ to open the console, and then you may enter any of the following codes.

In order to close the console in Company of Heroes you must press CTRL + SHIFT + TILDE (~).

  1. Toggles Fog of War on/off: FOW_Toggle
  2. Big Head Mode. 1 for on, and 0 for off: ee-bigheadmode(1/0)
  3. Set game speed (Default Speed is 8): setsimrate <number>
  4. Hide taskbar: taskbar_hide
  5. Show taskbar: taskbar_show
  6. Restart the game: restart
  7. Quit game: abort game
  8. Enable statgraph_channelcode: statgraph()
  9. Display frames per second: statgraph_channel(“fps)

Company of Heroes has received great ratings from many different reviews, so if you are looking for a new game for the PC, you should really consider picking this one up. You can use the cheat codes for Company of Heroes in order to make the game a bit more enjoyable when you are stressing during gameplay. Or use other cheats such as displaying frames per second in order to see how will your PC is running the game and if anything needs to be upgraded in order to get the best performance.

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