Cheats For Doom 3 On Xbox

If you can't get the kill on a difficult boss or want to advance more quickly, then you should try these official cheats for Doom 3 on Xbox instead to get the upper hand on the mutants and other non-humanoids in this critically acclaimed first person shooter (FPS). These cheats can be entered at any time during the game with your Xbox controller. Fire away!  

  1. Invisibility: If you want to sneak past enemies and cash in on a surprise ambush, use this cheat.  Hold "LT" and press "X" two times, then "Y" two times. This will automatically enable invisibility mode. To toggle it off, enter the cheat again.  
  2. God mode: To make yourself impenetrable, hold "LT" and press "A" four times. This will make you invincible. No enemy, explosive or attack will hurt or kill you–and that's always a good thing.  
  3. Temporary god mode: If you're in a particularly tough battle but don't want to die, enter in this exclusive cheat for Doom 3 on Xbox. Hold down "LT" and tap "X" four times. It will grant you temporary invincibility, saving yourself from potentially dying or failing an objective.  
  4. Super weaponry: Want to last longer against enemies but don't want invincibility?  While playing, hold "LT" and press "B" four times. This will grant 200 percent more armor to your weapons and ammunition–perfect for blasting through tough levels.  
  5. Slice and dice: To slice through enemies instead of relying on ammunition, hold down "LT", press "B" two times and then "A" two times. This will add a chainsaw to your weapon collection.  
  6. Get everything: To get all of the cheats for Doom 3 on Xbox listed above, use this cheat code. While holding down "LT," enter in this button sequence: A, B, A, B.  You'll gain instant access to all of the keys, weapons, ammunition and armor enhancements in the game. This won't grant you invincibility, however.  
  7. Skip a level: To skip a level in Doom 3, hold down "LT" and press B, A, X, then Y. There is no limit to how much you can reuse this cheat. Remember, all the above cheat codes will disappear if you advance a level, so you'll need to re-enter it manually after skipping a level.     
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