Cheats For Far Cry 2

This innovative, open-ended first person shooter (FPS) was considered one of the hottest games of 2008, and now we have the official cheat codes for Far Cry 2.  To use the following codes below, start the game with the "-DEVMODE" command line.

  1. Speed master. To decrease your walking speed, press "-" in game. If you want to go faster, press "=" instead. To return to your normal speed, hit "F5" on your keyboard.  
  2. Unlimited supplies. To unlock all the weapons and ammunition in Far Cry 2, type in "O" and "P". This will unlock all the weapons and set your ammunition at 999–the maximum amount of ammunition you can have in the game.
  3. Invincibility. To gain unlimited invincibility at any time during Far Cry 2, press the backspace key on your keyboard. This can be toggled on and off by pressing the backspace key again. This can be used with other cheat codes.  
  4. Warp anywhere. Want to change where you spawn or want to skip additional content? Try this cheat code. During gameplay, press "F3" to warp to your original spawn point. To advance to the next checkpoint automatically, press "F2" instead. These cheat codes are repeatable.  
  5. Secret missions. To unlock all of the secret missions in Far Cry 2, go to the menu, click "additional content," and then "promotion code." Enter in "sa7eSUPR," "tar3QuzU," "6aPHuswe," "96CesuHu," "SpujeN7x" or "THaCUpr4" to unlock all of the secret missions.  To unlock bonus missions, type in "zUmU6Rup" instead.  



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