Cheats For KOTOR 2 Without Editing Any Files

These cheats for "KOTOR 2" without editing any files will save you time and hassle. Editing configuration files can be a huge pain. Using these cheats for "KOTOR 2" will help you through a tough spot. Need to level up faster, but do not want to go about grinding experience? This problem is easily fixed, and you do not even need to edit the game files.

  1. Free wins in the battle circuit. The Mandalorian battle circuit on Dxun is a gauntlet of fights that can be quite hard. Fear not, this cheat for
    "KOTOR 2" will make these fights a breeze. To begin, start the battle circuit as usual by talking to the Sergeant. When the fight loads, immediately open your inventory. Make sure you do this before the fighters are in combat. From here, do anything that will get you disqualified from the fight, such as using an item or a weapon. You will be disqualified, but the fight will continue. You can just equip your normal gear and win the fight easily. You will still get credit for the victory even though you were declared disqualified.
  2. Infinite Money. This "KOTOR 2" cheat is great for when you need cash fast but do not want to grind it out. First, you must be a male character. Go into the Ebon Hawk and remove Handmaiden's armor. Talk to her and tell her to get dressed. You can repeat this indefinitely, selling her armor for a nice price.
  3. Invincibility. This cheat for "KOTOR 2" will turn you into an un-killable monster. Press the tilde key (~) to open up the developers console. From here, type in "invulnerability." You will no longer take any damage. This code is great for when you want to plow through enemies without hassle.
  4. Infinite item use. This cheat will keep your items maxed out. Open up the developers console by pressing the tilde key and enter "infiniteuses." "KOTOR 2" does not get much easier when you do not have to worry about running out of healing items.
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