Cheats For Silent Hunter 4 For PC

Cheats For Silent Hunter 4 For PC are hard to come by. As in previous installments of the Silent Hunter PC game series they don’t have any really have any in game cheats as most have to do with some sort of editing in the text files.

Set Renown "Cheat"

  1. Start the game, and type in your characters name after this is completed exit the game before leaving the port.
  2. Go to the folder where you game is saved. Generally it is located where ever you saved the game to on your computer, then you go to “SH4\DataCFG\Save Games\00000000\" folder
  3. Use a text editor like "Notepad" in order to open the “Career Track” file
  4. Go to the “Player Current Renown” and put in “5000000000.00”, or any other number that you wish to make, and you will now have that much renown to begin the game with.

This game is quite a blast and may be beneficial to play the game through the first time without using the little trick. However that is up to you and what you do should provide optimal enjoyment. The game is not overall difficult which may be a reason for a lack of actual cheat codes. Or the developers just didn’t feel that they were really needed in this game.  Silent Hunter 4 is a great PC game that should be tried by all people. Lack of cheats should not detour people away from thisPC  game as it is a lot of fun, and quite enjoyable.

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