Cheats For Star Trek Armada 1 On PC

Looking for some cheats for "Star Trek Armada 1" on PC? "Star Trek Armada 1" is a real-time strategy game that was released by Activision for the PC in 2000. The look and feel of "Star Trek Armada 1" is based off of the actual television show, "Star Trek: The Next Generation." There are several factions that you can play in "Star Trek Armada 1," such as the Klingon Empire, United Federation of Planets, Borg, and Romulan Star Empire.

  1. More Powerful Weapons. Are you having a difficult time completing one of the factions in "Star Trek Armada 1"? To make your life easier, you can equip your character with more powerful weapons. To use the more powerful weapons "Star Trek Armada 1" PC cheat code, simply type "targetacquired" at any time during game play.
  2. Level Skip. You will notice that each of the playable factions in "Star Trek Armada 1" has different levels. If you are bored with a certain level or simply want to advance to a more difficult level, you can use the "Star Trek Armada 1" level skip cheat code. You can use this cheat code by typing "kobayashimaru" on your keyboard while you are playing "Star Trek Armada 1."
  3. Faster Warp. One of the best cheats for "Star Trek Armada 1" on PC is the faster warp cheat code. The faster warp cheat code will speed up the velocity of your spacecraft. You can take advantage of the "Star Trek Armada 1" faster warp cheat code by using your computer keyboard to type "gobabygo" at any point in time during game play.
  4. Better Cloaking Abilities. If you are not familiar with "Star Trek Armada 1" and if you have good cloaking abilities, you will be able to hide your spacecraft so it is invisible to the naked eye. Of course, having an invisible ship is a great way to sneak up on your enemy. To use the better cloaking abilities "Star Trek Armada 1" PC cheat code, simply type "seeyoulater" on your keyboard while you are playing this real-time strategy computer game.



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