Cheats For Warcraft 3

Those involved in the game might be interested in these useful cheats for Warcraft 3. Released on July 3, 2002, "Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos" (commonly known as "Warcraft 3" or WC3) is the third installation in the "Warcraft" series of video games. A year later, an expansion pack for "Warcraft 3" ("Frozen Throne") was also released. If you'd like some cheats for "Warcraft 3" to help battle the hoards of Orcs descending upon you, then read on fellow human:

  1. Instant win! "Warcraft 3" conveniently enough contains a cheat code interface. Simply press "Enter" on your Mac OS/Windows computer to open up the cheat interface. Type "allyourbasearebelongtous" to get an instant win. The code references a 1989 game that was horribly translated called "Zero Wing."
  2. See the whole map. Want to get a sneak preview you cheater? Type in "iseedeadpeople" to view the entire "Warcraft 3" map immediately. This code references the 1999 psychological-thriller by M. Night Shyamalan "The Sixth Sense."
  3. Get gold! How much gold do you want? 100? 1,000? 999,999? Type "keysersoze [number]" into the cheat panel to get the number of gold you'd like (i.e. "keysersoze 100" for 100 gold). This cheat is named after Keyser Soze from the 1995 film "The Usual Suspects."
  4. Get lumber! Need some trees there, bud? Type in "leafittome [number]" (without the quotes, obviously) to get a number of lumber. As with the above, replace [number] with an actual numerical integer (i.e. 100).
  5. Infinite mana! Type "thereisnospoon" into the cheat window to get infinite mana on "Warcraft 3." This cheat is referring to a scene in the original "Matrix" when Neo is meeting with the Oracle and encounters a boy who can bend spoons.
  6. Get a headstart. Want a little advantage in the game, but not a super-cheat like "keysersoze" or "leafittome"? Type "greedisgood" to get an instant addition of 500 wood and gold into your supplies. Nice right?

There are a good amount of cheats for "Warcraft 3," which is sure to excite the many WC fan boys out there. These are just a few of the numerous cheats for "Warcraft 3," but they are the most notable and important. Go ahead, enjoy "Warcraft 3" and kick it old school PC-gaming for a bit!

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